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Bathing Beauty

Posted on July 8th 2013

The timeless elegance of the Victorian and Edwardian style bathroom has been a design favourite with Australian families across the nation. With the signature wide open bathing spaces and statement pieces such as decorative free standing baths these design styles have stood the test of time. Remarkably the traditional bathroom is often sacrificed in a […]

Old meets new

Posted on July 1st 2013

Blending traditional style with modern finishes can be a little daunting. The good news is that there are some key design guidelines that can help you seamlessly combine the old with the new. Key traditional features are at the heart of any period home. Think high ceilings, timber floors, hallway corbels and detailed skirting boards. […]

Customise Your Dream Home

Posted on May 10th 2013

Ok, let’s get this straight. We’re not bloggers, we’re builders. We don’t know a whole heap about blogging but we’re going to give it a crack. It’s here where we’ll share some of what we know about building, industry news and anything that inspires us. All in the name of helping you navigate building a […]