Ranch-Style Homes Iona

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Ranch-Style Homes by Smart Homes

  • Functional and stylish designs tailored for Australian landscapes.
  • A traditional look with functionality for Australian conditions
  • Open-plan living spaces with a blend of modern and country style.
  • Customisable floor plans to suit individual preferences.
  • Expert builders with years of experience in ranch-style home construction.
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What Makes Ranch Style Homes Unique?

Ranch-style homes, often referred to as ranch homes, are characterised by their single-story, open-plan layouts. They offer a perfect blend of traditional and modern design elements, making them a popular choice among Australian homeowners.

Customising Your Dream Ranch Style Home

With Smart Homes, you have the freedom to customise your ranch home design. From choosing the facade to selecting the floor plan and inclusions, we ensure your home reflects your personal style and preferences.

The Benefits of Choosing a Ranch Style Home Builder

Selecting a builder who specialises in ranch-style homes ensures precision and expertise. At Smart Homes, we understand the nuances of ranch designs and are committed to delivering homes that resonate with our clients' visions.

Ranch-Style Homes: A Timeless Choice

Ranch-style homes have become a sought-after design for many aspiring homeowners. Their expansive, open-plan layouts offer a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. If you're considering building a new home, a ranch-style home is a versatile choice that adapts beautifully to various landscapes and community vibes.

Experience the Smart Homes Difference in Iona

Expert Design

Expert design team to bring your vision to life.


Trusted by homeowners in Iona for quality construction.


Eco-friendly designs for sustainable living.


Award-winning designs tailored for Australian landscapes.


  • Great team Awesome designs

    Andrew Hargreaves Avatar Andrew Hargreaves

    Professional with interesting designs and brilliant energy innovation

    Project Estimator Avatar Project Estimator

    High quality operation from start to finish. The entire team was fantastic to deal with and their communication was always spot on. They delivered on what they said they would and we felt extremely comfortable throughout what can be a very stressful time building a home. 5/5 stars! Won't go anywhere else next time.

    Ryan Wallace Avatar Ryan Wallace
  • Fantastic builders and couldn't recommend them more highly, have built homes for a few friends and family now - wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Jack McMaster Avatar Jack McMaster

    High quality builders of custom homes. Would recommend them to any of my family and friends. They are a builder you can trust in Melbourne!

    Jesse Taylor Avatar Jesse Taylor

Smart Homes: Crafting Lifestyles, One Home at a Time

At Smart Homes, we believe in creating more than just houses; we craft lifestyles. Our Hampton style homes are more than just structures; they are a reflection of dreams, aspirations, and the Australian way of life.

  • Tailored designs to suit every individual's dream
  • Sustainable and functional by design
  • Deep understanding of the unique architectural needs of our clients
  • Homes that reflect the charm and character of the Hamptons
  • A seamless blend of modern amenities with heritage-inspired designs

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every home we build is a masterpiece, waiting for its story to be written.


What is the definition of a ranch style home?

A ranch-style home, often referred to as a 'rancher' in Australia, is characterised by its single-story, elongated design with a low roofline. Originating in the United States in the 1920s, this design was inspired by North American Spanish colonial architecture. At Smart Homes, we've embraced the ranch-style home's open-plan layout, ensuring a seamless flow between living spaces, making it perfect for the Australian way of life.

What is a modern ranch style house?

A modern ranch-style house takes the classic single-story design and infuses it with contemporary elements. This might include larger windows for natural light, open-plan living spaces, and the integration of indoor and outdoor areas. At Smart Homes, our modern ranch designs often incorporate sustainable materials and energy-efficient features, aligning with the Australian emphasis on eco-friendly living.

Why are ranch-style homes so popular?

Ranch-style homes have gained popularity for several reasons. Their single-story design makes them accessible and easy to navigate, which is especially appealing to families and older residents. The open-plan layout fosters a sense of community within the home, making it great for entertaining. In Australia, the ranch-style home's emphasis on blending indoor and outdoor spaces resonates with our love for the outdoors and alfresco living. Smart Homes has seen a growing demand for ranch-style homes as they offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Why does a ranch style home stay cool?

The design of a ranch-style home is inherently climate-conscious. Its single-story layout ensures that heat doesn't rise and accumulate, as can happen in multi-story homes. The wide eaves, often found in ranch designs, provide shade and reduce the amount of direct sunlight hitting the windows. At Smart Homes, we often incorporate energy-efficient materials and design techniques in our ranch-style homes, ensuring they stay cool during the hot Australian summers and warm during the cooler months.

Do ranch style houses have verandas all around?

Traditionally, ranch-style homes feature a simple front porch or veranda. However, in Australia, it's not uncommon to see ranch homes with wraparound verandas, taking advantage of our country's beautiful vistas and providing additional shaded outdoor living space. At Smart Homes, we offer the option to customise your ranch home with a veranda that suits your preferences, whether it's a simple front porch or an expansive wraparound.

Smart Homes: Crafting Lifestyles, One Home at a Time


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Ranch Style Homes Iona

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About Iona, VIC

Iona is a bounded rural locality in Victoria, Australia, 73 kilometres (45 mi) south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local government area. Iona recorded a population of 240 at the 2021 census.Iona is part of the Cardinia Shire Council. It is made up of mostly farm land. == History == Bunyip South Post Office opened on 26 August 1898, was renamed Iona in 1905 and closed in 1977. St Josephs Catholic Church at Iona was opened on 16 December 1900 by the Reverend Father Gleeson. The original building was replaced in 1940 by the existing brick building. St Josephs Catholic School opened on 11 April 1915. == See also == Shire of Pakenham — Iona was previously within this former local government area.

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Reviews for Smarthomes Iona, VIC

Smarthomes Reviews

Maria Lam

starstarstarstarstar (5)

I would like to acknowledge and say thank you to Travis, Craig and Chris for their support over the last year to build my home. The quality of the home is the best that many people have seen in the local area (including the Property Agents, Bank Valuers and Friends). There are always ups and down during construction, but Smart Homes was able to push through and get things done without jeopardising quality. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the workmanship and the Construction team and would highly recommend Smart Homes to anyone. I would also not hesitate to utilise them again in the future. Thanks a lot guys and all the best! Maria :)

Smarthomes Reviews

Anthony A

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Great display home, easy going staff and happy to answer questions.

Smarthomes Reviews

Michael Ouellette

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Beautiful home. Needs a rural setting though.

Smarthomes Reviews

Nettski Johan

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Speaking with the architect made us realise what can be changed etc.


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