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Bathing Beauty

Posted on July 8th 2013

The timeless elegance of the Victorian and Edwardian style bathroom has been a design favourite with Australian families across the nation. With the signature wide open bathing spaces and statement pieces such as decorative free standing baths these design styles have stood the test of time.

Remarkably the traditional bathroom is often sacrificed in a home renovation, and more often than not it is because owners are not entirely sure how to make the look work for the 21st century. The question today is how do you create your own contemporary interpretation of these classic styles?

When designing your new bathroom you need to think outside the square. Because these spaces are small, there’s an opportunity to be a little more adventurous in the choice of colors and materials. The right choice of materials and a layout that introduces a feeling of progression through a room can be all it takes to reinvent a small bathroom and turn it into a pampering, roomy sanctuary.

The freestanding bath is making a big come back in contemporary interior design and takes pride of place in any bathroom. It’s a great way to add a touch of modern elegance in a very traditional way. Whether you choose a decorative claw-foot style bath or a more modern streamline design, a freestanding bath instantly adds a touch of old world glamour to any bathing space.

Your choice of lighting and other fixtures also help to bring the bathroom to life. A glittering chandelier or intricate pendant fitting above the basin area or bath add a welcome touch of traditional elegance. While these lights add a sense of style it is often wise to include secondary lighting such as down-lights or batten options to ensure the lighting is both functional and decorative within the space.

Doing your research or getting some advice from your builder or interior designer is always wise. By creating a clear vision of how you want your bathroom to look before any work begins you give yourself the best opportunity to make the right choices in fixtrures in finishes and avoid unnecessary (and sometimes costly) changes along the way.

Happy designing!

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