Weatherboard Homes: A Blend of Classic Charm and Modern Living

Exploring the Timeless Appeal of Weatherboard Houses

Weatherboard houses embody a rich history in Australian architecture. From quaint cottages to contemporary designs, these homes offer versatile aesthetics. Weatherboards, often made from timber, provide a unique character that has been a favourite since the 1850s. Weatherboard cladding not only adds visual appeal but is also a functional material that can withstand ground movement and adapt to various styles, from Hamptons to classic country style homes. Weatherboard houses are also a reminder of the historical lineage of Australian homes and lifestyles and offer the look and feel of traditional family living.

Custom Designs for Your Dream Weatherboard Home

Personalise your weatherboard home with custom designs from Smarthomes, tailored to your preferences. Whether you're envisioning a classic bungalow or a modern weatherboard with contemporary elements, our team prioritises your vision. Customisation extends from the choice of timber weatherboards to the layout, ensuring your home is as unique as your lifestyle.

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Embracing the Hamptons Style
with Weatherboards

Hampton style homes, known for their breezy and elegant aesthetic, often utilise weatherboards to achieve their distinctive look. White french doors, spacious verandahs, and the classic weatherboard façade come together to create a serene and stylish home environment.

Contemporary Weatherboard Hampton Style Homes

Discover the fusion of modern elegance and classic charm with our contemporary weatherboard Hampton style homes. These designs blend the timeless appeal of timber weatherboards with the chic, coastal essence of Hamptons architecture, ideal for Australian lifestyles. Our homes feature bright, airy interiors with large windows and white French doors, complemented by spacious verandahs for an authentic beach house feel in any suburb.

Various Types of Weatherboard for Hamptons Style Homes

In crafting these homes, we prioritise the most suitable materials, that promote sustainability and ease of maintenance without compromising on style. The use of durable materials like fibre cement weatherboards or treated timber ensures longevity, while our advanced insulation techniques offer energy efficiency. This modern approach to the classic Hampton style offers a perfect balance of contemporary living and traditional aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for those who value both innovation and heritage in their home design.

Timber: The Heart of Weatherboard Homes

Timber is synonymous with weatherboard homes. Its natural warmth and versatility make it an ideal choice for creating inviting spaces. Timber weatherboards are loved for their traditional look and feel, but modern treatments have enhanced their durability, making them a practical choice for contemporary homes.

Insulation and Efficiency in Weatherboard Homes

Insulation is key in weatherboard homes, ensuring they remain comfortable throughout the year. Modern weatherboard homes from Smarthomes incorporate advanced insulation materials, keeping houses cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes weatherboards a smart choice for energy-efficient home design.

Weatherboards: A Choice for Every Homeowner

Weatherboards cater to a range of preferences and requirements. From the traditional timber weatherboard to modern alternatives like fibre cement and vinyl weatherboard, there's a type of weatherboard for every homeowner. Embrace the flexibility and variety that weatherboards offer for your home design.

Weatherboard Homes Tailored to Australian Living

At Smarthomes, we understand the unique demands of homes in Australia. Our weatherboard homes are designed to embrace the Australian conditions and lifestyles, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical living solutions. From the bustling suburbs of Melbourne to the serene coastal areas, our weatherboard homes are crafted to complement the diverse Australian landscape.

Start Your Weatherboard Home Journey with Smarthomes

Ready to turn your dream of a weatherboard home into reality? Contact Smarthomes today. Our team is dedicated to crafting homes that reflect your personal style and meet your needs. Let us guide you through every step, from design to completion, ensuring a seamless and satisfying home-building experience.

Trustworthy Building with Smarthomes


With years of experience in building weatherboard homes, our team guarantees expert craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully considered, ensuring your home is built to the highest standards.


We pride ourselves on offering personalised service. Our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring your home reflects your unique style.


Sustainability is at the forefront of our building practices. We use eco-friendly materials and methods to ensure your home is not only beautiful but also kind to the environment.


Your time is valuable. We commit to delivering your weatherboard home on schedule, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free building process.


Offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality is our promise. We provide transparent costings and ensure value for every dollar spent.


Your peace of mind is important to us. We offer comprehensive warranties on our weatherboard homes, giving you confidence in your investment.


What are the pros and cons of weatherboard?

Weatherboard homes boast a timeless charm and versatility in design. They are often quicker and easier to construct than brick homes, allowing for more flexibility in design changes. Weatherboards, especially modern variants, offer good insulation and can be environmentally friendly. While traditional timber weatherboards may require more maintenance, such as regular painting, this allows for easy updates to your home's appearance. Additionally, advancements in materials like fibre cement have reduced maintenance needs, offering durability alongside the aesthetic appeal of weatherboards.

What is a weatherboard home?

A weatherboard home features external walls constructed from rows of timber or timber-like boards. This style, popular in Australia, offers a distinct, classic look and provides the flexibility to create various architectural designs, from traditional cottages to modern homes.

Is it worth building a weatherboard house?

Absolutely! Building a weatherboard house is a fantastic choice for those seeking a home with character and flexibility in design. Weatherboard homes can be personalised to your taste and offer a warm, inviting aesthetic. With Smarthomes, you get the added benefit of custom designs and modern materials that enhance the longevity and efficiency of your home.

Is it cheaper to build brick or weatherboard?

Generally, it can be more cost-effective to build a weatherboard home. Weatherboard construction typically requires less labour and time, which can lead to savings. Additionally, the flexibility in design might also reduce costs in other areas of the build. However, the total cost can vary based on design choices and materials.

Is a brick house better than weatherboard?

Both brick and weatherboard homes have their unique advantages. Brick homes are known for their durability and low maintenance, while weatherboard homes offer a classic aesthetic and design flexibility. At Smarthomes, we ensure that our weatherboard homes are built to the highest standards, offering durability, style, and comfort, making them an equally appealing choice.

How often does a weatherboard house need painting?

A weatherboard house typically needs repainting every 10 to 15 years, depending on the climate and the paint quality. This maintenance is a great opportunity to refresh the look of your home, keeping it vibrant and up-to-date.

Are weatherboard houses safe?

Yes, weatherboard houses are safe when built and maintained correctly. Modern weatherboard materials are designed to be durable and can be treated for fire resistance. Smarthomes ensures that all our weatherboard homes meet strict Australian building standards, prioritising the safety and well-being of our clients.

What is the difference between weatherboard and cladding?

Weatherboard refers specifically to a type of cladding made up of long, narrow timber or timber-like boards. Cladding, on the other hand, is a more general term that encompasses any exterior material used on the walls of a building, including weatherboard, brick, vinyl, and more. Weatherboard is thus a subset of cladding, known for its characteristic overlapping boards and charming aesthetic.

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