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Embracing the Australian Country Style

Country style living embodies a blend of comfort and elegance, and at Smarthomes, we excel in building homes that reflect this unique Australian ethos. Our country style home designs are more than just structures; they're a gateway to a lifestyle surrounded by big blue skies and open spaces, offering a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Even if your new home is nestled in the suburbs, our designs can transport you to the tranquillity of the countryside.

We masterfully incorporate elements of country living into each project, ensuring that your home provides a serene, country living experience regardless of its location. So, whether you're on acreage away from the city, rural or semi-rural, or in a suburban setting, with Smarthomes, you can enjoy the essence of country home living wherever you are.


Client Testimonial

Sandy and Josie, our favourite clients for 2020. Check out what they have got to say about their beautiful home.

Beautiful Country Living in Tanjil Sth

Imagine waking up every morning with these stunning views.

Penleigh Estate in Yarra Glen

Development of 13 Town houses in the heart of Yarra Valley and very close to any decent Wineries.
Please contact our Sales & Marketing Manager, Gary Ferguson on 0488 330 480 or via email

Multi Home Development in the heart of Yarra Valley

Please visit for more information regarding PenLeigh Developments.
Please contact our Sales & Marketing Manager, Gary Ferguson on 0488 330 480 or via email

Modern Country Living Redefined

At Smarthomes, we redefine modern country living by combining classic country charm with modern conveniences. Our designs feature expansive windows, open-plan layouts, and grand facades, providing a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Designing Your Dream Country Home

Your dream home is just a blueprint away with our expert home design specialists. We focus on customising each country style home to meet your unique needs, ensuring that every nook and corner resonates with your vision of a country home.

Contemporary Meets Country Charm

Our contemporary designs breathe new life into the traditional concept of country homes. With a focus on communal spaces like the kitchen and family areas, and spaces that open to your garden and the outdoors, we create inviting homes that are far from ordinary and long on character.

The Luxury of Spacious Country Living Homes

Luxury acreage home designs are our forte. We provide a range of luxury acreage home plans to suit your land that promise spacious living areas, perfect for those who value both style and space. Our designs ensure that each home is a luxurious sanctuary that blends in with the landscape, offering a blend of cosiness and open-plan living.

Tailored Acreage Home Designs

Our acreage home designs are a testament to our commitment to quality and style. Understanding that each block gives its own unique opportunities, our team crafts homes that utilise the wide frontage and elevation of your land, ensuring that your country home is a perfect choice for both stunning looks and scenic views.

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Bespoke Country Style Homes

Smarthomes offers a unique proposition in the realm of country home designs. Our personalised approach to home building and decorating advice ensures that every aspect of your country home is tailored to your preferences. From customisable floor plans to design features like gables and verandahs, we ensure that your country home is as unique as you are.

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Start Your Country Home Journey Today

Ready to embark on the journey to your dream country home? Connect with Smarthomes today to bring your vision to life. Together we can explore the options and examine our range of unique designs. As your trusted home builders, we're committed to crafting the perfect country style house for you. With our expertise in custom builds and country style house plans, and a keen eye for detail, we ensure that your new home is everything you’ve always dreamed of and more. Contact Smarthomes now to start creating your own slice of country paradise, no matter where you plan to build your home.

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Local Expertise

Expertly designed home plans tailored to you.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality custom construction in every project.


Collaborative approach with our design and construction team.


Respected builder with accolades from industry peers.

Family Orientated Projects

Creating homes that families will cherish for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in country home designs?

Country home designs typically blend traditional aesthetics with modern conveniences. At Smarthomes, we ensure that each country house includes design elements that foster a warm and inviting atmosphere. This often involves an open floor plan to enhance spaciousness, rustic yet sophisticated finishes, and a connection to the outdoors to complement the natural surroundings. Smarthomes prioritises these aspects to create homes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So if you're looking for a way to get started in creating the perfect home, contact Smarthomes today.

What is modern country style?

Modern country style is a contemporary interpretation of traditional country aesthetics. It merges the rustic, homely charm of classic country designs with sleek, modern elements. In modern country homes, you'll often find clean lines combined with organic materials, a neutral colour palette with textured accents, and a balance of old-world charm with current trends. Smarthomes specialises in creating house designs that epitomise this style, offering a fresh take on the timeless country look.

What defines a country style house?

A country style house is defined by its warm, inviting, and rustic characteristics. Key elements often include or speak to natural materials like wood and stone, a spacious layout, and a design that harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings. Smarthomes focuses on these aspects in their house designs and builds, ensuring each home resonates with the authentic essence of country living.

What are the characteristics of a country style house?

The characteristics of a country style house include a focus on comfort and functionality, often featuring large porches, exposed beams, and a spacious kitchen. Smarthomes incorporates these traditional elements into their house plans while integrating modern amenities and unique design touches. This blend results in a home that is both charmingly rustic and comfortably modern.

What is a country house plan?

A country house plan typically outlines a home that is designed to maximise comfort and functionality in a rural or semi-rural setting. These plans often include spacious living areas, an open floor plan, and large windows to bring in natural light and scenic views. Smarthomes creates country house plans that not only encompass these features but also add unique design elements to suit individual preferences, ensuring that each home is a perfect reflection of its owner's lifestyle and tastes.

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