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Organise Your Pantry – Kitchen Storage Solutions

Posted on August 20th 2013


Do you ever wish you were one of those super organised people with one of those perfectly ordered pantries? You know, those super streamline food cupboards lined with flawlessly arranged containers with easy to read labels…

Well, it may be easier than you think. Our good friends at Tuppaware have developed a brilliant new service called Custom Kitchen Planning (CKP). Think personal stylist for your fridge and pantry.

Your CKP consultant takes into consideration everything from your favorite foods, how much food is purchased and the number of people in the household. They then develop a customised range of products that will not provide storage but will assist you in planning and buying ahead for the week instead of having to shop every couple of days saving you time and money.

The iconic Tuppaware range includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home designed in different shapes and sizes. Even better is that they all stack into neat, compact storage units, saving valuable storage space. Their famous airtight seals keep your food fresher for longer, prolonging the shelf life of your food. Now that’s a win!

To book your personal Custom Kitchen Planning session contact the lovely Claire on clairtiven​dalebaker@​gmail.com

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