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Top Tips For Designing The Perfect Kids Space

Posted on August 27th 2013

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We thought we would put it to our very own Interior Designer, Nicole Chapman from Empire Lane Design to create a foolproof step by step guide for creating the perfect kids space or nursery.


Designing spaces for children is a passion of mine and I often get asked how to create a room that expresses a sense of fun whilst still oozing sophistication and calm (translation: sleep inducing)

Having a baby is hands down one of the most exciting periods in your life. With so many important decisions to make like choosing a name, a hospital, a pram etc the nursery is often left to the last minute. Well, it needn’t be a last minute dash to the nearest baby store to quickly mock something together that you plan to later update (but never really get around to).

You can have the uber-stylish nursery or kids’ room you’ve always dreamed of by following these simple steps.

Choose a theme; Everything is so cute in teeny tiny size so it’s easy to fall in love with a huge range of design pieces. This can lead to an overload of colours and styles so it’s best to choose one theme be it a colour combination or design style such as vintage.

Colour themes; Choosing a specific colour combination for the room enables you to purchase from a broad range of items whilst still maintaining a cohesive vibe.


BOYS; Yellow & Grey, Blue & Orange, Green & Orange, Red, White & Blue, Navy, Grey & White

GIRLS; Peach, Light Pink & Yellow, Dark Pink & Light Pink, Pink & Orange, Pastels, Red & Pink, Yellow and Dusty Blue, Mauve & Yellow, Peach & Gold

UNISEX; Beige & White, Yellow & Seafoam Green, Red & White, All White

Invest wisely; Spending thousands on a cot or change table may seem like an investment at the time however if you think about it, these pieces are essentially ‘two year pieces’ maximum. It’s better to invest more money per item in furniture that can transition from nursery to big kids room such as drawers and artwork.

Great storage; Baskets, shelves, tubs and boxes all make for great storage. The easier it is to pack up all of the toys for you and your kids the more likely it is that the room will stay in order.

Have fun; The key to a great kids room is a sense of fun. This is the space in which their memories of childhood will be made so don’t get too hung up on it looking perfect all of the time.

Remember if you have any questions about interior design post them on the Smart Homes Facebook page here www.facebook.com/smarthomesvic and I will be sure to get back to you.

Happy designing!

Nicole Chapman, Empire Lane Design

You might also want to check out Nicole’s stunning range of kids décor pieces (pictured above) including cushions, wall decals and artworks here www.empirelanedesign.com.au

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