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Laminate Benchtops 101

Posted on November 25th 2013

Laminex Benchtop


So last week we learnt a little bit about Ceasarstone for use on your kitchen bench tops.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at Laminate!
Laminate has come along way in the last decade, and is still one of the most affordable bench top material’s.
Affordable, yet versatile! The colour, pattern, finish and texture range for laminate is extensive. These days you can walk in and see (what you think) is a stone bench top, but in fact… it’s laminate!
It’s durable, hard wearing and stain resistant just to name a few.
But quality does matter! A good quality laminate can be heat resistant up-to 180 degrees and have a better scuff resistant finish than other cheaper alternatives, so keep this in mind when making your decision.
Speaking of finishes.. there are endless choices!
A Diamond Gloss finish is a premium laminate finish. The high-gloss surface appears extremely polished and works great with a stone look grain to really accentuate the colours and appear as stone. It also has a far superior scuff resistant surface versus standard laminate.
Squareform is another popular Laminate choice. This finish gives the appearance of a stone slab with a square edge.
Then you have the standard Laminex Laminate which is also still very durable, heat and stain resistant.
The edge of laminate bench tops can be finished in numerous ways…
Sqaure Edge, D-Edge, 90 Degree Edge, 180 Degree Edge, Pencil Edge, Reverse Bevel, Bullnose… honestly you will not be left short for choice, and all these options give you the opportunity to really create your dream kitchen workspace!
Caring for your laminate is easy, but extremely important, it’s a great looking product, but will only last the distance if you look after it.
Avoid cutting on the surface. Although it’s heat resistant… avoid placing pots straight from the stovetop or any hot objects directly onto it’s surface, so simple things like pot stands/racks or even a thick tea towel will save you from disaster!
When cleaning your laminate… sponges and cloth’s only, no abrasive scourers.
Avoid strongly acidic, bleach based or alkaline cleaners, also staying away from polishes and waxes as these products can damage the surface as well as dulling the natural shine.
TIP: Dark laminates can leave streaks after cleaning.
A simple multi-purpose cleaner like windex or spray and wipe will help avoid this problem!
Photo credit: Laminex Laminate
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