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High Back, Claw Foot Baths

Posted on January 8th 2014

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For many a high back, claw foot bath is top of the list when it comes to creating a classically elegant bathroom design. Traditionally white, a claw foot bath eludes sophistication and style while bringing some old world charm to a wash room space.

These days there are some stunning colourful options on the market including rich burgundy and the ever dramatic black. These deeper colour tones allow the bath to become the real hero of the room.

No matter if you prefer the crisp lines of a white bath or the baroque feel of black, a claw foot bath is a true investment into the authentic style of your home.

At Smart Homes we have pulled together the most popular colour options to choose from (pictured above)

White: Perfect for an all-white bathroom scheme and works well with complementary white fixtures such as your sinks and shower base.

Black: A real show stopper. Adds dramatic elegance and is uber-glam.

Burgundy: Like a rich red wine, this tone brings personality and style to the bathroom. A great idea is to use this as the feature colour in the space by repeating the tone in tiles or even your towels.

Happy bathing!

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