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The final touches – Hardware!

Posted on January 13th 2014

What’s your take on hard ware?

Are you the type that’s slightly obsessive and must have everything matching?!

Or do you like a sense of variety and diversity throughout the home?

Either way, it’s personal choice really. But lets run through some options and pro’s and con’s!

When designing your own home it’s important to put your own tastes first… Of course, you have to live in it and well let’s face it… You’re the one paying for it. But it’s always important to keep in mind RE-SALE!

A lot of people choose to keep it simple, consistent and timeless, but there are multiple ways to do this.

Chrome, is always a winner! Chrome can be carried throughout a home. From bathroom tap ware, to bedroom door handles, kitchen draws etc. It’s also a good choice because has a tendency to complement any era of home, still manages to stay timeless AND works with any colour pallet.

In many old homes you will find brass. Brass does have a tendency to wear with age and does need to be polished or replaced, however, it does add that touch of ‘luxury’ to a home. It works well with a warm colour pallet and a can easily complement the ‘rustic’ look, through to a high end traditional home.

You may also notice in traditional style homes the use of wrought iron handles in the kitchen. They are durable, hard-wearing and add a good contrast to a white or cream kitchen. When it comes to the rest of the home, door handles, tap ware, hinges etc. It’s important to keep these in the same material… You can choose multiple shapes and sizes, but if you choose a brushed chrome, antiqued brass or even a pewter… Stick to it! Keep it consistent!

When making your choice, also make sure you are factoring in the style of your home, the era and the colour pallet. When you get the combination just right, you can create magic!

Quality is another one to watch, the initial outlay for ‘handles’ might seem steep in the beginning but think about it… You will use them everyday! Quality is important not just for the look and feel but for the durability. A cheap door knob will cost you more down the track when you need a locksmith to come out and replace it, so treat yourself to some good quality hardware.

Next time you’re walking through a display home, take note of the hardware…!

Image: Houzz

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