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Simple styling tips for the home.

Posted on January 27th 2014

Most weeks on the Smarthomes Blog, we focus on the construction/planning of a home. Sharing ideas and tips to help build your dream home.

This week we’re taking a different path and focusing on the post build…. And how to style and furnish your home, to get that designer look!

Of course, the style of your home and your taste will differ from everyone else’s, so source imagery and visual inspiration for the type of look your going for. Pinterest is a great source for inspirational imagery as well and Instagram and Tumblr. It’s as simple as searching keys words like, traditional kitchen, eclectic lounge room or contemporary master bedroom.

Collect these images over the course of the build, and when it gets closer to your moving date, or when you start shopping for furnishings, look back over your inspiration and you’ll remember what stood out to you most – go for this look! It obviously resonated with you.

Choose soft furnishings like cushions, throws and ottomans, that complement the colour pallet you’ve chosen for the home. Then, for those pops of colour and interest, add another cushion or two in a darker or contrasting colour or pattern.

Art is another way to add interest and colour to a home. If you cant afford to buy an original piece, you can pick up great prints and have them framed in simple black or white slim line frames for a contemporary edge. If you want to do this on even more of a budget, head to your local fabric store and pick out your favourite print… Making sure it complements your colour pallet, then frame it up! Simple geometric patterns or floral prints look great as a feature in a row of three over the bed or sofa.

Decor really helps in bringing a home together. Large glass candle holders in the centre of the dining table, fresh flowers on the kitchen bench, framed photos of the family etc.

Floor rugs and lamps are another key feature. Rugs allow you to introduce a new colour or pattern into the space, a good quality rug will last you a lifetime. Lamps bring life to a room at night and act as a sculpture during the day, don’t be afraid to go for something different to create a statement piece for the room.

So these are just a few simple tips to help you decorate that dream home you’ve always wanted, remember this isn’t limited to new builds. If you feel like a revamp in your home, take a look around and see what you can change to create a space that flows, inspires and represents you.

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Image: Staples Design Group

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