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How’s your colour coordination?

Posted on February 2nd 2014

Building a home is one thing, but making sure you choose the right colours to bring that home to life, is another story!

From the facade, to the colour of the toilet walls… It all counts.

Here at Smart Homes, helping you choose the right colours for your home is all part of the service. But for those of you who are in an established home, or in the building process, here are a few handy tips to think about when changing/choosing your colours.

What is the era/style of your home? This is the first thing to think about. If you’re in a period style home, then complement it! Do some research into the original colour schemes of a period home, this ensures you are doing justice to its heritage and really embracing the history. Having said this, if you’re looking to give it a little more pop, you still can! Wall paper will do wonders in any room, and these days you can pick up beautiful traditional prints in modern colours.

If its the facade you want to add some personality too, never doubt the power of white! If you’re period home is a solid colour you tend to loose the beauty in the details. White lace work and white balustrade against a charcoal grey or a deep beige looks magnificent and gives the facade a depth. If you’re not into the contrasting look of white against a darker colour, then paint the feature elements in a complementary colour, like a dark grey balustrade against a light grey weatherboard. One thing to be mindful of however, is the details you want to hide…! As crucial as they are… No one sees the beauty in a down-pipe, drain or gutter. Make sure these elements are camouflaged into the main exterior colour.

Contemporary homes have a little more freedom when it comes to colour choice. But you still need to start some where. Again, white is a great colour to build off. From here you can layer textures, colours and vibrancy. From wood grain feature walls, textured wall papers or simple block colours through the use of a bold splash-back or tile choice.

The rules are much the same for any style of home… The key word here is ‘complementary’. If you start clashing colours from the get go, you will never find a harmony. Start with a solid base colour/theme, then build from that. Remember to embrace the period of your home and don’t feel you need to choose unusual colours to create a unique home… Sometimes they are unusual for a reason.

Ultimately the main thing is… Have fun and enjoy the process! You will be living in and around these colours for a while, so make sure they complement you too.

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