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Choosing your tiles…!

Posted on March 12th 2014

Tiles… An essential in any home.

If you think about it, tiles are or can be used in 80% of the rooms in your home. From the entrance floor to the kitchen, the bathroom to the laundry. They’re on your walls, on the floors and even on your roof… (Stretching that a little, but they are roof tiles!). The point is, tiles are a staple material in any build and these days they’re not just used to cover a surface, but can bring any space and room to life!

Today’s blog is about exploring the options for your bathroom and kitchen, and making the most of your tile choice. Whether it be bringing personality to a room or making them a feature.

Tiles seem to be getting bigger and bigger… This is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to go for a larger floor tile. They can create a sense of space and grandeur. The less grout you have to deal with is also the better… this goes for any room/space in your house that features tiles.

In your bathrooms… Get adventurous! Check out the amazing range of tile designs and colours available and don’t be scared to be different. Gone are the days of the square white tile. Choose a core colour pallet but play with textures, patterns, shapes and layouts. Don’t be worried about using multiple tiles either! Choose a base tile for the walls, another for the floor, then a feature tile for in the shower or behind the vanity. Feature tiles could be anything from a coloured tile, a textured tile or even a simple tile in a unique pattern.

If you do love a crisp white bathroom, then play with the way in which you lay your tile. Patterns range from Running Bond, Diamond, Herringbone, Subway, Checkerboard, Basket weave, etc. The list is huge… And trust me, a pattern makes a difference! You can turn the simplest of tile into a beautiful statement.

Another tip for the bathroom is to run your tiles to the ceiling. This again makes the room appear larger and draws the eye up, giving the ceiling that little extra height. Also saving you from a re-paint down the track.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.07.59 PM    Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.09.08 PM

As for the kitchen, if your opting for a tiled splash back… Again, be creative. A splash back is the one feature you can be bold, its like art work for the kitchen!

This is an area your visitors are definitely going to see, so make it interesting! You’re not limited to what your builder has in stock, so out source. Just because your kitchen is traditional doesn’t mean you need to stick to a traditional tile. Mix it up with a Moroccan tile or a marble tile, glass tile or even metallic tile.

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