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5 Simple tips to make your old home feel new again!

Posted on March 25th 2014


1) Don’t underestimate the power of a paint job! You will surprised how different your room looks and feels with a new coat of paint, whether it’s a crisp white or a muted grey. Your walls will look cleaner and your house will have that new house smell. The same goes for the exterior! If your house has been worn down by mother nature and her harsh elements, give her a fresh paint job. Not only will it look great but it will also protect your home from further damage.

2) If your wanting to give your kitchen a modern edge but your budget doesn’t match, think about just replacing your bench top and splash back. Keep your existing cabinetry (paint them if need be) and replace the tired bench top with a stone, modern laminate or even concrete! Do your splash back at the same time to create a whole new feel in your kitchen.

3) If your master bedroom is looking dated, look into a new bed head and side tables, thats all it takes! A tufted bed head adds a contemporary but classic look and won’t break the bank. Side tables and even table lamps can be picked up so cheap these days and really do make a world of difference. Treat yourself to some new linen and your looking at a whole new bedroom!

4) If your more a fan of the outdoors, how’s your fence and garden looking? Does it need an upgrade? Replacing old fencing or even giving it new life with a paint job, lifts the whole facade of a home. Pulling out large, bushy plants that have taken over your windows, opens up the yard and lets natural light in through the windows. A win for both inside and out!

5) Freshen up your family living space with some new throw cushions, a throw blanket to match and replace your old family photo frames with some simple black or white frames, to create a whole new look. If you want to go even further, add some new artwork or a mirror, even treat yourself to a new sofa if yours is looking worse for wear.

It doesn’t take a major reno job to update a home! Do one room at a time if it seems overwhelming, or if your really into it, let your imagination run wild!

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