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How do Trees effect my house

Posted on August 6th 2014

If there are trees on your property or on a neighbouring property you will require tree root barrier. Not only can the tree roots interfere with the footing (the concrete that holds your house up) but it also effects the foundations (the ground). The trees change the moisture content in the ground which makes it move by shrinking or swelling. so if the ground moves the house will move and then ultimately crack.
Smart Homes prefers to deepen the edge beams to protect the house from Trees. Quite simply the costs are, extra concrete, extra labour to dig the trench & remove the soil from the site.
The Rule is; that the residence needs to be at a distance of more than 75% of mature height of the tree. So if you have a baby Gum Tree, one day that tree will grow 25M, so the residence needs to be around 18m away from the tree, online casino even if that tree is on next doors property. So don”t go cutting trees down just because you want to avoid tree root barrier without considering next doors trees.

We explain tree root barrier
We explain tree root barrier

Become Big Trees

We explain tree root barrier

So we need Tree root barrier

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