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Californian Bungalow Homes (c1920-1930)

Posted on June 2nd 2018

The Californian Bungalow arrived from America during the 1920s, after the First World War and became quickly became very popular as it was much quicker and cheaper to build that the more ornate Federation Homes. With thousands of ex-servicemen wanting to marry and settle their children on free-standing suburban blocks of land the Californian Bungalow provided an affordable building solution.

Commonly built of brick and render it is almost instantly be recognised by the columns holding up a front verandah. Stone, brick and timber, earthy materials were used. A gable roof faced either the front or side always. These homes featured lower pitched roofs when compared to previous era homes.

Some key features of Californian Bungalow homes are:

– Low pitched roof
– Verandah held upright by large, thick columns
– Large front or side gables
– Interior walls featuring stained plywood
– Double hung windows

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