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Federation Art Nouveau Homes 1895-1915

Posted on June 2nd 2018

Art Nouveau is a detail style that was applied to the form and shape of Federation style homes. It is ornamental style that flourished from the late Victorian period up to the First World War. Art Nouveau is characterised by its uses of long graceful, sinuous, organic lines.

Art nouveau architecture eschewed the eclectic revival styles of the 19th Century. Though architects and designers selected and modernised some of the more abstract elements of Rococo style, such as the flame and the shell design, they also advocated the use of very stylised organic forms as a source of inspiration, expanding the natural repertoire to use seaweed, grasses and insects.

Some key features of Art Nouveau detailing are:

– Organic, graceful, curved, sinuous and asymmetrical lines
– Use of nature such as plants, flowers, birds and insects to inspire detailing
– Timber and steel detailing

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