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Federation Edwardian Homes (c1900-1915)

Posted on June 2nd 2018

The terminology “Edwardian” and “Federation” are often used to describe the same buildings as they cover the same period up to the First World War. However the Federation style also includes the more ornate Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles. The Edwardian Home is a toned down version elegant version of other Federation Homes.

The Edwardian era is define by the reign of King Edward VII (1900-1910), however the style continued up to the First World War in Australia.

Some key features of Edwardian homes are:

  • Simple and elegant detailing
  • The home is often built with red brick or weatherboards
  • The roof is often made from slate or corrugated iron
  • The facade may often be decorate to emphasize the apex of the roof
  • Timber framed windows that may feature leadlight glass
  • Verandahs with timber fretwork


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