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The History of Period Homes in Australia

Posted on June 2nd 2018

Do you love all the period features you see in some of our older homes in Australia and want to know a bit more about them? Would you like to have some of these details in your new home? We have put together a list of the various historical periods that has influenced the design of Australian homes to help you choose your favourite style.

Early colonial buildings were simple structures based on need and available materials and with Australia being a penal settlement there was a strong influence of a military style. As time progressed the colony was able to not only develop and import more building materials but also to import the architectural vernacular that was in favour in Britain at the time.

The main period styles of Australian homes are:

Colonial – Georgian and Regency Style (pre 1840)

Early Victorian Style (around 1840 – 1875)

Late Victorian or Boom Style (around 1875 – 1895)

Federation (around 1895 – 1915) which includes: Queen Anne StyleArts and CraftsArt NouveauEdwardian

Californian Bungalow (around 1920-1930)

Art Deco (around 1930-1950)

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