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Freestanding Baths

Posted on June 2nd 2019

Clawfoot BathSelecting your bathtub is a key decision when planning your bathroom. The bath you choose often sets the scene of your overall bathroom design. When it comes to baths, freestanding is the perfect option to make a statement in your interior.

Freestanding Baths are becoming more and more popular due to the diverse range of materials and sizes that they come in. Freestanding baths are available in traditional and modern shapes, and are available in a huge range of sizes, lengths and depths. This means you can purchase large, shallow baths that are perfect for bathing young children, or deep luxurious baths to comfortably soak in for hours.

Freestanding baths are available in different materials such as acrylic, cast online casino iron, wood, or stone. The two main materials used in common households are acrylic or stone, when considering these two materials there are a few things to consider.

Stone baths are incredibly long lasting, they are very durable and strong and won’t crack like some cheap baths might. There is an assumption that stone can be uncomfortable, but it’s actually smooth and a great treat for your skin, perfectly easy to slide into and immerse in the warm water.

Acrylic baths are light weight, are easy to install, and have a finish that can be repaired. The finish of an acrylic bathtub can scratch or discolour over time, although due to better grades of tub finishes this problem has been reduced.

Acrylic is a good standard choice, although it may lack a certain high end luxurious feel.

To get the most from your freestanding bath, it should be placed in the centre of the room. It should not be placed in a corner or else it can lose its dramatic statement look and can make it difficult to clean around.  You can install your bath at floor level or raise it on a platform to make it even more of a feature.

Freestanding baths can make a space feel more expensive & they can be the stand out of your bathroom. Only freestanding baths can give you the elegant, classy feel like being in a retreat or a deluxe day spa.

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