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The Jack

Posted on May 15th 2017

The Ava

Posted on March 31st 2015

Ava’s inviting designer exterior makes you wish you already had the remote to the double garage door in your hand.  A stylish mix of brick and render, with a feature brick or tile pier, Ava is a cool, contemporary home for the modern home-buyer.

The Bev

Posted on March 31st 2015

The name on everybody’s lips will be Bev when she arrives in town.  Stylish skillion roofs with high-level windows ensure gorgeous natural light all year round.  The inviting entrance area, external combination of weatherboard and render and subtle design details on the inside such as raked ceilings will make this unique design a stand-out on […]

The Diana

Posted on March 31st 2015

Clean horizontal lines show Diana is a sophisticated lady.  Up-to-the-minute details, including a slick combination of render and timber cladding, horizontal windows and and a feature brick or tile pier, tell you this light-filled home is for modern living at its best.

The Eden

Posted on March 31st 2015

Isn’t she lovely? Eden starts with a classically inspired portico and hipped roof, that creates a welcoming entrance area.  The large window to the living room is complimented by the contemporary design of the three vertical windows to the master bedroom. Warm tones make for a beautiful home frontage.

The Mitzi

Posted on March 31st 2015

Stately and stylish, Mitzi features a striking combination of brick, stacked brick or tiled portico and a timber pergola on the front. The stunning entrance area sets the bar high, and Mitzi balances it beautifully with the option of adding a wrap-around pergola, and timber double garage door.

The Kate

Posted on March 31st 2015

Kate is a home straight out of your favourite storybook.  Her upscale-country feel is welcoming, and the combination of brick plinth and weatherboard on the façade gives a modern feel.  Aluminium awning windows give Kate a generous helping of natural light, and she features timber details to the gabled verandah.

The Zoe

Posted on March 31st 2015

With her skillion roof and stunning timber cladding and render façade that emphasises her clean design lines, Zoe is a modern masterpiece. Her rendered portico invites you inside to enjoy subtle details such as raked ceilings.  Aluminium awning boutique windows and high-level windows guarantee plenty of natural light throughout the home.

The Stella

Posted on March 31st 2015

A smart, contemporary design, Stella is a stylish young lady.  The façade is a modern mix of brick and render, and the rendered portico creates a striking entrance to your home, with the option of a brick or tile pier.  Aluminium awning windows act as both a design feature and the key to a light-filled […]

The India

Posted on March 31st 2015

A clean and contemporary design, India stands out stylishly with her brick and render façade.  The inviting portico is rendered, and you have the option of selecting a brick or tile pier.  Aluminium awning boutique windows are equally functional and stylish.  India also features a double garage.

The Zara

Posted on March 31st 2015

Zara welcomes you with her stunning rendered portico, which blends beautifully with her brick façade.  The aluminium windows at the front of the home are not just for letting in plenty of natural light; they’re also a fantastic design feature on this designer home.

The Audrey

Posted on March 31st 2015

Imagine welcoming family and friends to your beautiful new home under Audrey’s stylishly rendered portico.  A contemporary mix of brick and render make this façade stand out, and aluminium awning windows let natural light in.  A timber pergola adds a casual touch, and this home comes with the option of adding a wrap-around pergola.