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Building Costs that form the Contract Price

Posted on September 12th 2017

These are the costs that form part of the Contract price.

Base price This is pretty much the size of the home,  M2 of floor coverings, Lm of cabinetry, Number of Doors, robes, etc. It is also the Standard inclusions, So this should take about a little over an 1 hour to understand. All base prices and standard inclusions are different for each builder, so therefore require a detailed analysis to see what is what.

Site Costs: Site cost related items, We can provide a quote for a house to go on a perfect block, but some blocks will carry with them certain obstacles and regulations that need to be met, so therefore extra work. There are literally hundreds of reasons and regulations that pop up that will cost you extra money, we have tried our hardest to identify all of them, and so therefore, we need to spend about another hour to go over all of these potential items. You will learn what they are for and how much they might cost. If you think you know about this already, think again, because we are still learning things every day, and we still get asked when something does pop up “Why didn’t you tell me that might happen”. Explaining these costs is also a good chance for us to get to know your block.

Optional Extras / Changes over and above Standard inclusion If you change the floor plan or design, then the M2 of the floor coverings will change the Lm of the cabinetry will change, the number of doors will change and so therefore, extra – over and above comes into play, you may also want tick box items, such as air cons, Fireplaces etc. All of this can be discussed in a second meeting potentially?

Colour Selections This is where you will need to set a budget, because nearly every product can get upgraded a number of different times. We have seen colour selections go from $5,000 to $20,000 and even north of that.

If you want to still try and figure things out remotely, in your own time. We have tried our best to accommodate this method. We invented CleverTick to show you the base prices of our homes and standard inclusions, as well as allow you to choose your optional extras, it does not however show you potential site cost items, nor your customised requirements and not all upgrades on colours are in there, The program is just too limited at this point. But if you make a comment in the comments section we can add things to your home. eg: I want to increase the size of the home by 10M squared.

For a customised home, you need to choose the floorplan closest to the home size you require, and then tell us what size home in M2 that you would like. We can custom design a floorplan or modify one of our floor plans to suit your lifestyle and block. Please check out the virtual tours of some other homes we have customised. http://www.smarthomesvic.com.au/virtual-tours/ This is what we specialise in.

If you would like to make a time to have a meeting with Gary our sales Manager please contact him at Gary@smarthomesvic.com.au or on (04) 8833-0480